Unrestricted Woman Fragrance

Unrestricted Woman Fragrance

Product Code: 126507

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Immerse your senses in a bold, striking and gorgeous scent, the Unrestricted Woman Fragrance. It captures the essence of individuality through the use of earthy, woody notes of patchouli and vetiver in the base for a rich uninhibited, unpretentious and hearty allure. At the core of this fragrance are irresistible, sweet and sensual white florals of spring jasmine and rose. Exciting top notes of bergamot and mint juxtaposes the deep woody notes. Capture everyone's senses with this bold and alluring scent. It is packaged in a neat glass bottle with the signature Old Khaki groat lid. It is 100ml in size and is packaged in a striking pink and grey box.


Brands Old Khaki

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